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How to Address Network Security Challenges

Most security professionals say network security is harder this year when compared to last year. Some of them include an increase in threats from third-party networks and IoT devices, hackers using more complex and comprehensive tools and internal users seemingly less aware of what they do to reduce protection etc.


The diversity of challenges reinforces the notion that there is no single solution to any security issue. However, as part of an overall layered security posture, there are reasonable steps that security leaders can take.

Segment your network

Insider threats are a good reason for segmenting your network and protecting sensitive data from accidental and malicious events. Instrument those segments that are deployed at a central point with comprehensive threat detection. To identify suspicious behaviours, look for modern technologies that include state-of-the-art anomaly detection. In addition, be sure to adjust rules and policies for detection to accommodate the traffic behaviour variations that you are likely to see from internal vs. external threats.

Bring context to alerts

The overwhelming volume is a major challenge with security alerts. The alert deluge could exceed the capacity of security teams: they could not investigate all of them. A solution is to search for tools for filtering and prioritizing alerts based on your unique environment. Tools that allow security to directly correlate network metadata with alerts bring context to bear that reduces detection time and minimizes false positives.

Cybersecurity integration and data inoperability

Too many tools and data interoperability are a big challenge to network security. It is not so much that organizations have too many tools, but that some tools make data sharing difficult. This requires security analysts to switch to detect threats from one console to the next, which is a manual and time-consuming task. More importantly, manual efforts are inviting adversaries to exploit human error and gaps. Look for cybersecurity tools that embrace integration openly and provide analysts with ways to share data and increase network visibility and potential threats.

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