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Top 10 Blockchain Development Tools – Part 2

Over the past few years, the development of blockchain has evolved quite drastically. What began as a means of transforming a decentralized payment network into a decentralized supercomputer where developers from all over the world can come and create their own software applications. This is a really exciting space with plenty of developmental scope. However, you may feel a little lost as a developer who is a new entrant in this space. So we specifically created this guide for you. download


Remix is a great compiler for small contracts that we use. If you want to learn to be solid, then this is the best way to do it. Written in Javascript, Remix supports both browser and local usages. Remix also supports smart contract testing, debugging and deployment, and much more. To ensure developers write their best code, Remix’s code analyzer.

Blockchain Testnet

There are certain things you need to consider when writing programs for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM):

  • First, you have to pay for start-up and use of gas. The cost of gas use in Ethereum is a huge problem. So you really want to pay so much for a project you haven’t even tested yet?
  • Second, an untested program may have a bug in its code that could cause havoc to the blockchain of Ethereum. Plus remember that the blockchain of Ethereum is unchangeable, so anything that happens to it is permanent and cannot be undone.

That’s why you may want to test the dapp in a testnet before you actually use the mainnet to deploy it. Testnets are almost identical copies of the Ethereum blockchain to the Mainnet in any way except because their Ether is worthless (and, of course, the software deployed on these testnets). There are three kinds of testnets – public test, private test, andGanacheCLI (or Testrpc).


GanacheCLI (formerly Testrpc), a package from NodeJS, is a fast and customizable emulator of blockchain. It simulates the Ethereum network on a single computer and enables you to make calls to the blockchain without having to worry about running a real Ethereum node. Some of the things that you can do in a GanacheCLI are:

  • Instant mining of the transactions
  • Zero transaction fees
  • With a fixed amount of Ether, all the accounts inside the testnet can be recycled, reset and instantiated
  • Gas prices and mining speed can be changed and modified as per your wish
  • An extremely easy-to-use GUI which will give you an overview of your testchain events

Keep watching this space for more.

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