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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies to Look Out for in 2019 – Part 4

With blockchain facing increased regulatory scrutiny and market dynamics post-bubble, 2019 seems to be shaping up in sharp contrast with 2018. However, these conditions should give more clarity to blockchain and a stronger market base. Several projects and businesses have shown flashes of great things to come in this climate. Followed are several blockchain projects and companies that could spark interest this year, according to a brief research among industry veterans presented by Forbes. Cryptocurrency-Companies-Going-Live-in-2019-Top-9-Blockchain-Projects-to-Watch-Next-Year-696x449


Blockchain was always counted on to disrupt the health sector. This project addresses the issue of centralized data storage of electronic health records by returning data sovereignty to the individual. MediBloc is a decentralized, open-source data platform for healthcare, designed to give patients with authorized access control full ownership of personal data and an opportunity to monetize their data. Participants like medical institutions, research organizations, insurers, and healthcare providers can find a secure and transparent data exchange as part of their ecosystem. MediBloc intends to shift the medical data paradigm to a patient-centred approach, building an economic medical information ecosystem with consumers at its core, and building on top of the platform the capacity for medical services.


Blockchain exists in thousands of different shapes and sizes, and every blockchain-built platform or application is capable of something unique. The interoperability of all these disparate blockchains is an ever-present issue facing blockchain’s usefulness, and while some have attempted to connect blockchains, Cardstack suggests a different approach. Its system represents individual dApps or platforms as cards, and users can create for themselves custom business flows or services by stacking different “cards” on top of each other or in some order. This open source framework catches fire with developers who recognize their potential for the mass market to scale blockchain. The media is overwhelmed by rumours of new “Super DApps” spurred by the existence of platforms such as Cardstack, creating the idea of “software orchestration.” Such a concept has a relevant place in the future of blockchain and is likely to gain momentum in the years to come.

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