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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies to Look Out for in 2019 – Part 3

With blockchain facing increased regulatory scrutiny and market dynamics post-bubble, 2019 seems to be shaping up in sharp contrast with 2018. However, these conditions should give more clarity to blockchain and a stronger market base. Several projects and businesses have shown flashes of great things to come in this climate. Followed are several blockchain projects and companies that could spark interest this year, according to a brief research among industry veterans presented by Forbes. Cryptocurrency-Companies-Going-Live-in-2019-Top-9-Blockchain-Projects-to-Watch-Next-Year-696x449


As cryptocurrency remains the top blockchain idea for retail users to gain adoption and crypto assets mature, more complex tools are needed. Companies like Caspian have created a dashboard for ambitious crypto investors that allows you to build and control your own fund, including asset allocation and re-balancing tools, order execution management, and connectivity with all major exchanges. Its crypto fund management suite is already in use and is partnering with Coinbase to provide the masses with their solution. Caspian is an evolved interface for cryptocurrency trade and risk management, such as a universal remote portfolio commanding different exchanges, trades and assets.


Devery is an open-source protocol to verify goods and services based on blockchain. Coming from the accelerator of JD.com, Devery removes the need for trust by leveraging unique, verifiable identifiers for products and services that are stored on the blockchain unchanged. Users can integrate the Devery protocol by providing open-source toolsets that can be used to build verification services at the application level. The underlying blockchain’s inherent transparency provides authentication and provenance, facilitating a competitive third-party verification services market-for speciality commercial markets such as e-commerce or luxury counterfeiting. To achieve a decent level, blockchain projects need a mix of team, product, vision, and developer engagement. They also need to remain strong during this fragile market’s highs and lows. Using blockchain, these companies try to change several different industries.

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