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Driving Traffic Through Image Search – Surprising Benefit of Content Marketing

Los Angeles is a city famous for its horrendously congested highway as its towering palm trees. Unlike most of the residents, every website owner wants more traffic. Hence the questions remain what’s one of the most effective, yet chronically underutilized, techniques for driving more traffic?  images

Publishing quality content consistently offers amazing optimization opportunities that static sites cannot, including image optimization. With more than 11% of Google searches including images on the SERP, image search is becoming increasingly popular and accurate, yet many sites treat images as an afterthought. Hence diligent content marketer is presented with an amazing opportunity to capitalize on the laziness of others and leverage image search for greater visibility.

This isn’t as important for images like memes or gifs which you should consider using to lighten the tone of your content but can be extremely valuable for infographics, original data visualizations, charts, and any other visual assets that could be used elsewhere by other sites and publications.

Image optimization has some mainstays that you should be aware of, the first of which is your images’ metadata. Metadata refers to data about data, and every image on the web can be optimized by including metadata. Metadata includes attributes such as an image’s alt text. This field can be accessed through a CMS such as Drupal or WordPress and is used by web browsers to identify the contents of an image. This functionality is often used by individuals who browse the web using software programs that enable visually impaired people to understand visual content (screen readers) However, the alt text field can also be used to help your images appear more prominently in image searches in addition to being a crucial accessibility aid.

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