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How will Tech Industry Regulation in the US Fare in 2019?

The US has reached a point in the social consciousness that tech companies managing all this personal data need to be regulated, regardless of whether major social media firms and tech companies enable the onboard AI capabilities or not. While the slow-moving government regulatory process is ill-matched to the rapidly evolving tech industry, that’s still not an excuse for not doing anything. As a result, the first government regulations of the tech industry will be put into place in 2019, specifically around data privacy and disclosure rules.  us-surveillance-spy-ts-100590727-large

From the backlash that companies like Facebook have been receiving, it’s clear that many consumers are very concerned with how much data has been collected about their online activities, location, and many other very specific (and very private) aspects of their lives. Thanks to the confusingly worded and never read license agreements, the company claimed that they never gave over most all of this information willingly. However, common sense tells us that the vast majority of us did not understand or know how the data was being analyzed and used. Legislators from both parties recognize these concerns, and are likely going to easily agree to some kind of limitations on the type of data that’s collected, how it’s analyzed, and how it’s ultimately used despite the highly polarized political climate,

Whether the privacy laws instated in California last year, the US builds on Europe’s GDPR regulations, or something entirely different remains to be seen, there’s no doubt we will see laws that control the valued commodity that it is now that the value and potential impact of personal data has been made clear.

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