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Micro SaaS Trend in 2019

Organizations looking for the accessibility and versatility of software solutions and data analysis tools without the need to rely on installing and running applications on their own computer systems and data centers are increasingly turning to “Software as a service” (SaaS) as a viable choice. Top-SaaS-Marketing-Trends-in-2019

The rise of SaaS industry has led to large numbers of players entering the arena, saturating the market and intensifying the competition. This means SaaS companies will have to find new ways to innovate, offer value, and connect with new prospects in 2019 and beyond. We can expect to see more micro-SaaS innovations emerge from the woodwork in response to a new, more cutthroat climate this coming year. Micro-SaaS businesses are typically run by a small team, sometimes even by one or two people. Micro-SaaS products are created with the aim of improving a missing feature or enhancing an existing SaaS product and are usually complementary add-ons to existing platforms or developments. We can all expect a host of fresh micro-SaaS innovations over the next 12 or so months as more niche and “miniature” SaaS offerings prove increasingly valuable to businesses across industries in 2019.

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