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Big Data Trends of 2018 – Part 1

Big data was primarily used by big businesses in the past, owing to their broad scope of service demanded more precise data and because they were the only ones who could afford the technology and channels used to collect and analyze the information. Big Data has evolved at an unbelievably fast pace, much like any other process in the business world, the best example being Big Data in the cloud.


2018 at a Glance


All thanks to the concept of IoT, people can now control their humble home appliances through smartphones. Gadgets like the Amazon Echo have become a mainstay in homes and the involvement as well as investment of big companies means that businesses and consumers will continue to use internet-connected devices.

More organizations launched IoT solutions and the growing IoT craze has helped create more data and touchpoints for businesses to collect information. As a result, many will also need new technologies and systems to manage and analyze the flood of big data coming in.


Both large and small companies are now utilizing AI functionalities like chatbots to automate specific processes. SMEs can easily get their hands on this technology since there are prebuilt AI applications now due to high demand, which levels the playing field for all. In 2018, responsive devices and smarter networks are what the market will be focusing on. There is also an expected increase in the growth of data collected with all the new devices coming online. Expected total business expenditure towards IoT will be at $6 trillion by 2021, with a $15 trillion contribution to global GDP by 2030.

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