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Selecting the Right IoT Platform – Ensure the CEO Signs Off on the Final Platform Decision

Several thousands of enterprises are currently performing their first IoT projects and consider using a modular IoT software platform to manage the data flows, support application development, and provide basic analytics. This promises a faster time to market, lower cost, and more professional support. However, the IoT Platform selection process is not easy. Also, there are several reported instances where the IoT Platform did not live up to the task. It is becoming crucial for most companies to ensure they are choosing the right IoT Platform that will seamlessly manage their IoT data flows.


Choosing an IoT platform is an important strategic decision for any organization. Hence the final decision is taken by the CEO and a management team or a board of directors including the CEO in most cases. However, the main reason for involving the CEO is not because IoT platform-based solutions are a large investment for any organization and should thus be signed-off from the top. Moving from an analog to the digital world is a major undertaking. A CEO understands that the IoT Platform is an important element of becoming a truly digital champion. Therefore he can prioritize the IoT Platform selection and drives its adoption across the organization. A team of technical experts, often based on the implemented tests and PoCs keep the CEO and board well informed through their recommendations.

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