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Selecting the Right IoT Platform – The Qualitative Criteria

Several thousands of enterprises are currently performing their first IoT projects and consider using a modular IoT software platform to manage the data flows, support application development, and provide basic analytics. This promises faster time to market, lower cost, and more professional support. However, the IoT Platform selection process is not easy. Also there are several reported instances where the IoT Platform did not live up to the task. It is becoming crucial for most companies to ensure they are choosing the right IoT Platform that will seamlessly manage their IoT data flows.


Almost all the companies use some kind of criteria catalog for pre-selecting vendors and many of these can be classified as customer-specific. These are the criteria that every organization rates differently based on their own needs and perception.

Customer-Specific Purchasing Criteria

Some of the customer-specific criteria like value for money, previous experience etc. are common for any technology decision-making in a large organization. Others are specific to the nature of the Internet of Things because the IoT setup can be extremely complex, Strength of Partnership ecosystem – because IoT requires a lot of different systems to work together.

Platform-Specific Purchasing Criteria

Vendors can have a greater influence on the 9 Platform specific purchasing criteria (listed below) as these aspects are directly linked to the IoT platform’s capabilities

The three top criteria are:

End-to-end security – For instance, how secure the platform is including the data exchange and user and device authentication.

Scalability – For instance how easy it is to go from 100 to 100,000 connected endpoints.

Usability – For instance, how user-friendly the interface is.

Pre-Selection Process

Ranging from assessing a handful of vendors to tens of vendors, the pre-selection process can differ on a company-by-company basis. While some customers only look at two vendors, some can even have 50 IoT Platform providers on their initial list of potential platforms.

Clearly, a major factor in the decision process is the available budget and timing as not all customers have the resources to assess 50 platforms. Whatever the case, the aim is to narrow the options to a few chosen vendors before completing a proof of concept.

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