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Best Practices for Enterprise Solutions Implementation – Part 1

Investing in a powerful software solution is an extraordinary value addition to your organization. However, the effort is wasted if it is not implemented effectively. To help ensure a smooth and successful implementation process, consider these best practices.

Best Practice #1: Define Needs and Objectives


Any implementation plan should include specific objectives and deliverables wherein an objective can be as broad as “Eliminate non conformities,” or it might be as specific as “Implement a corrective and preventive action (CAPA) process and procedure that automates routing, notification, delivery, escalation and approval of CAPAs and all related documentation while providing a secure, centralized and web-based repository for all CAPA documents.” The foundation for these operational objectives is often set when purchasing a solution and can be refined during implementation and establishing objectives allows involved parties to know exactly what to aim for and to direct all efforts toward achieving the objectives.

Key considerations include:

Know your configuration requirements because determining which configuration options are appropriate for your requirements speeds up both implementation and enhances user adoption.

Know who will be using the software because taking an inventory of all stakeholders clarifies who will be using the new solution and who will be responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly will eventually help smoothen the entire process.

List processes intended for automation, current challenges associated with these processes, people involved with these processes and the benefits expected from automation.

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