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Important Features in a GST Software – Part 3

Goods and Services Tax has brought us at the brink of one of the biggest business changes of our times. Most of the big businesses have already identified vendors for implementation of GST software an whoever is left are evaluating software providers, over multiple product demos and an extensive question and answer rounds to reach a stage where they can now begin the implementation process, and undertake business process mapping and solutions.


Here is a list of some of the key features that you must ask for in your software:


A normal taxpayer registered in one state will have to file twenty-five returns during a financial period under the GST regime. Most brands are pan-India or have a global client base in the dynamics of today’s businesses. If we take a look at a single online seller who operates all over the country, he may have to file 25*29 (29 states)= 725 returns in a single year, an average of almost two returns a day! This is precisely why any GST software that you evaluate must have the intelligence to communicate the user of all possible events coming to ensure that no deadline is missed and your business remains up and running.

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