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How to Choose the Right IoT platform

An IoT device helps you to transfer information with other IoT devices or applications using internet transfer protocols. The gap between device and data network is filled by an IoT platform which connects the data network with the device and provides valuable insights using backend application. While making the decision of whether to build own IoT platform or buy an existing platform, the following aspects should be considered:


Time or Money

Most IoT platforms provide only teaser rates which are prices for their base model and can go a lot higher. If you choose to build own platform, it can easily take years to mirror the basic functionalities of an existing IoT platform.

Development Skills and Team

Advanced cloud computing, protocols such as MQTT, and building agents onto hardware devices are some of the things that the team needs to understand for building an IoT platform. Unsurprisingly, all these skills are quite rare and expensive.

IoT Solution needs and complexity

While an IoT solution with an existing platform is already complex task, building an IoT platform will further add complexity fto the team. Not just the hardware needs to be integrated, there are plenty of external interfaces and additional modules such as specific analytics.

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