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Cosmo Films upgraded version of synthetic paper set to revolutionize industry

  • Synthetic paper replacing pulp paper in several applications
  • Acceptability of synthetic paper in India growing.

Cosmo Films Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films in the world, has plans to revolutionize the paper industry in the country. The company launched an upgraded version of synthetic paper which could replace paper in several applications. As the name suggests, it is paper which is not sourced naturally and actually a BOPP film which appears and behaves like paper. The film can replace paper in all applications where non-tearability and weather resistance is desired.


Synthetic paper is a plastic based product which is resistant to water, oil, chemical and stains. It has myriad applications possible in our day to day life where durability, preservation and repeated usage of paper are required.

The plastic version of paper is also pertinent in today’s scenario where environmental conservation & sustainability measures are desired.  Synthetic paper is not only recyclable; its manufacturing process is largely eco-friendly as it doesn’t require felling of trees and is made largely from abundantly available lime stone. It also helps in water conservation and prevents air pollution, and doesn’t require acid, alkali or leaching agents unlike paper which requires all of the above. Moreover, it is lighter than the most commonly used paper varieties such as book & bond paper/bleached kraft/ letterpress/offset and index paper.

The versatility of synthetic paper is reflected in vast number of applications where it can be used. This includes application segments such as commercial printing, tags & labels, retail & packaging, identification & credentials and outdoors. Today it is used primarily for printing diverse applications such as brochures, menu cards, ID cards, plant tags, certificates, marksheets, land documents, banners, posters and photo books.

Mr. Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films Ltd said, “Synthetic paper has an immense potential to grow, though at present, it constitutes a very minuscule share of the global paper market. Our upgraded version of synthetic paper works well with various printing technologies like conventional offset, UV offset, UV flexography, water based flexography, letter press printing, screen printing, thermal transfer printing with resin and wax-resin ribbon, various digital technologies including powder tone and liquid toner. The same special top coating is also UV inkjet printable. Our customized offerings help our customers to optimize their printing and converting lead times, reduce wastage and significantly cut their inventory costs.

Synthetic paper has immense potential to grow, though at present, it has a very minute share of the paper market in India unlike China where the product is widely used. It will be used for all kinds of printing which includes digital & Inkjet printing, laser, flexo as well as offset.

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