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Key Features of a Business Intelligence Solution – Part 1

Organizations these days invest in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for different reasons. The reasons depend on their specific circumstances and industry. Regardless of the agenda, here are some of the key features of a BO solution:

Executive dashboards


Personalized Dashboards enable faster and better decision-making by delivering relevant, easily understood real-time data to business leaders, whilst lowering response times to internal and external events. Executives need access to personalized dashboards that deliver easy-to-understand KPIs and summary information on a regular, scheduled basis. Additionally, exception reporting should alert the executive to unexpected events and scenarios that require action. Executives are able to make decisions quickly, without any guesswork using personalized data delivery, and without having to wade through the irrelevant information.

Location Intelligence

The ability to map and visualize data in geographical formats is called Location Intelligence. Exploring and visualizing data sets based on spatial elements enables organizations to understand their business operations from new perspectives, such as sales per region.

“What if” analysis

“What if” analysis allows businesses to assess the potential effects of a critical business decision before they’re actually made. Using existing data, users can formulate strategies to achieve business targets and avoid the default “hit and miss” approach, helping the management undertake accurate strategic planning.

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