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Downside of Digital Technology – Part 2

Yes, you heard that right. Digital technology can have disadvantages too. While everyone knows about the obvious ones like the security and privacy concerns, social disconnect etc., let us jog down to some of the less discussed but equally dangerous ones.

Job Insecurity


While previously you had to be physically present at a workplace to do a job, many work tasks are performed remotely via the internet now. That means a Third World worker in a low wage economy can undercut you and take your job. As computers gradually replace humans,they aren’t needed at all for many tasks. For instance, driving jobs will disappear as soon as vehicles become self-driven.


Digital gadgets typically have a short lifespan and become archaic quickly. Devices and machines quickly become unusable as the technology advances at a pace because they are too slow, incompatible, or are simply superseded.


Society continues to become more and more depersonalized as digitized machines replace humans. People shop online, do their banking online, pay bills online, and increasingly work online. Transport is also set to become automated, which will result in taxis and delivery vehicles being driver free.

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