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Avaali Launches Supplier Chatbot solutions

Avaali, the Bangalore headquartered start-up with specialization in automating unstructured processes for large enterprises, launched an innovative supplier chatbot solution. This solution significantly improves supplier engagement by providing instant information to suppliers on the status of their invoices and provides them additional features such as uploading invoices and downloading vendor account statements.Avaali

Most enterprises recognize that active and meaningful engagement with suppliers is key to success. Benefits include accelerated time to market, improved margins and reduced risks. Best in class organizations recognize that this is a highly collaborative relationship. When information exchange takes place in a timely manner, this brings about significant improvement in the engagement.

Suppliers would like to know status of invoices from time to time. This is typically done manually via emails and calls. It is cumbersome for the enterprise business user to check the status manually and respond to the supplier in a timely manner. With the chatbot, this process is fully automated. The chatbot now fetches information from various applications and presents to the supplier irrespective of the time in the day or the day in the year. Suppliers could upload the chatbot to upload invoices as well as download vendor account statements. This solution is expected to significantly improve supplier engagement and experience, while at the same time allowing the enterprise business user to focus on more value-added activities.

Avaali is investing in the enterprise chatbot space with solutions for various business processes including supply chain, HR and logistics.  “Chatbots could become the future of interface for enterprises. With intelligent bots, all stakeholders to a business could quickly access information that they need to execute processes faster” said Srividya Kannan, CEO, Avaali.

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