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Data Discovery Applications: Enhancing Enterprise Data Intelligence

Organizations these days have a wealth of data available at their fingertips. They are looking for ways to better manage that data and employ it to their advantage. In today’s competitive marketplace it is important for the companies in all sectors to use data in both operational and strategic ways, and current software tools aim to help companies use business intelligence (BI) and analytics to maximize organizational data’s usefulness.


Data discovery applications are specifically aimed at providing users with the ability to connect to and explore a wide variety of data sources. The absence of predefined data-drill paths enables users to interact with data and easily create appealing visualizations. They can then take advantage of such features to rapidly create prototypes as well as to provide more robust data exploration and visualization projects if needed.

The base on which data discovery solutions work is “ease of use” and “freedom”, and they enable organizations to quickly gain access to a broad set of data sources and start exploring, analyzing, and gaining insights into their information.

The key functionalities of data discovery applications include:

  • Data integration capabilities
  • Tools for data exploration and rich drill-through capabilities
  • Exploration capabilities for both structured and unstructured data
  • Easy-to-use and powerful data modelling and visualization tools
  • Enterprise data and content search capabilities

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