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Is It Time to Replace Your ERP System? – Part 1

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems play a crucial role in managing, enhancing and streamlining business processes. If you find your company’s current ERP system isn’t up to date with all the new technology innovations, it may be time to replace your current ERP to a newer system better designed to meet the challenges of manufacturing in the 21st century. Here are the signs telling you it’s time:

Your ERP Architecture Lacks Adaptability and Agility

Marg ERP

An adaptable ERP system is required in order for you to keep pace with changes in your industry for your business to grow and succeed. It is time to replace your ERP system with a newer, more adjustable and integratable one if it doesn’t include the functionalities that are powerful enough to work in other segments (and with other applications) of your business, as well and allow you to scale up or down. When your system lacks adaptability you should look out for a few warning signs, such as: lack of ability to meet regulations, diversify your business, or expand into new territories.

Unable to Embrace and Capitalize on Industry and Technological Changes

Enterprise technology is changing at a rapid speed on a daily basis and the organizations need to be able to control change while limiting disruption to embrace those changes. You’ll find the newest technology more disruptive than helpful if your ERP system doesn’t integrate or utilize the latest technology. If you find that your business is struggling to remain competitive, you may need to invest in a new ERP system.

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