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AI Applications You Would Have Never Imagined – Part 4

We have mostly talked about the famous applications of Artificial Intelligence like Netflix, Amazon, Siri etc. But all of this fall short in comparison to the ones you are about to read. Let’s continue from where we left.

Life on other Planets


The key for NASA’s mission Mars 2020, where the Red Planet will be explored more thoroughly is the way it’s using AI to look for life on other planets. The devices they’ll send, better known as rovers, will be able to explore Mars’ terrain in more detail and reveal the properties of the planet’s elements to determine the possibility of life with more certainty.

A non-human language

Recently, Facebook has started teaching its chatbots to converse and negotiate amongst themselves using machine learning. And so far, everything indicates that the bots are very good at making a deal, in fact, the situation reached a point where the bots were communicating with each other in their own language. Interesting and scary at the same time.

The best flight

The travel and tourism industry is notoriously competitive. This is where the Hopper application comes into the picture, where the app is able to predict price patterns and alert travellers of the cheapest times to buy flights to their destinations through predictive analysis driven by AI. It monitors billions of prices every day and, based on the data history of each route, it can anticipate how the price trend will evolve, thus helping you configure notifications that’ll remind you to book your flight at the exact time the price is right!

As time progresses and the technology advances, AI is surely going to find many more such implications and extend itself into daily lives of the people. And we will bring all that information to you right on your screen. Keep watching this space.

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