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How To Ensure Endpoint Security For Corporate Enviornment? – Part 1

Security geeks are constantly looking for ways to intensify the endpoint security measures as a result of the overwhelming cyber attacks happening through malicious apps on mobile devices. Setting up stringent endpoint security measures would be the best way to encounter possible malicious risks, and here are some ways of how this can be achieved.


There’s no such thing as a safe operating system, software or hardware. The idea of a “safe” computer is a misconception that can lead to serious security holes in the corporate environment. Endpoints that are thought to be safe often come out to be unprotected, so there is a high risk that when they will become a gateway to the rest of the network when exploited. All operating systems, the software on them, and the hardware they are running on are vulnerable and should be protected and monitored.

Use a security product with an intrusion prevention system. Ensure that they have the best protection by using security software that features an intrusion prevention system to protect your endpoints effectively. This means that the software used for monitoring a suspicious activity and for behaviour that resembles malware has to be protected too. The endpoints and the network will thus be safe from new and emerging malware that hasn’t yet been identified by security labs. Also, check for software with a real-time protection network that shares information about the newest threats with all the endpoints connected to it.

Use encryption even for inside communications. It is a good practice to secure the communication channels even within the Local Area Network apart from the ones that are external to the organization. Keeping all communication channels safe should be a priority as one compromised endpoint is a threat to the whole network – plus, there’s the unfortunate possibility of insider attacks.

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