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The Current Leading Technology Trends

2017 was all about Data-as-a-Service, Connected Living, the AI Personal Assistant Race, Cognitive is the New Smart, and the Industrial IoT Ecosystem play. This year is seeing a shift in trends and new technologies are making way. Let’s see what’s keeping 2018 buzzing technically.

The Trillion-Dollar Sprint


Some of the leading Fortune 500 companies are expected to cross the trillion dollar valuation mark this year. The list includes the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Aramco etc. But the more important question is which one amongst them would be the first one to cross the mark.

Focus on Innovation

Rising concerns regarding technology companies’ increasing power are driving pushback from government organizations and this may also stunt innovation. Greater government and regulatory oversight are likely to protect consumers and curb corporate overreach.

The Quantum Leap

Quantum computing is all set to outperform traditional supercomputers and achieve supremacy in 2018. After ‘blockchain’ and ‘AI’, ‘quantum’ is the next buzzword. One of the key areas of focus this year is experimentation of quantum computing in conjunction with encryption, AI, materials, and quit generation.

Flying Cars

The groundwork for flying cars was laid in 2017, and the tests for flying car models will only increase this year. The much-anticipated launch of a flying taxi service in Dubai this summer will be the biggest leap forward in this space.

Companies Listen In for Lucre

The rising adoption of Smart Home devices and AI Personal Assistants has fuelled the fear over tech companies eavesdropping on consumer conversations. The media scrutiny is intensifying on the same and consumer and regulatory pushbacks are hot topics of discussion.

Keep watching this space for more such bold predictions for 2018 that are also making waves at present.

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