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“Customer Experience is the Key to Differentiate from Competition”

Rohit Midha, Director, Commercial Named Accounts, Lenovo India, got into a quick interaction with Amit Singh to share his plans on differentiating from the competition and to strengthen Lenovo’s leadership in India market

Commoditization is creating challenges in differentiating from the competition at the hardware level. How does Lenovo intend to differentiate itself from the competition in the PC space?

Rohit Midha, Director, Commercial Named Accounts, Lenovo India

We are structured to be more customer-centric in order to understand the customer’s requirements better. In addition, we are leveraging the ThinkPad legacy of 25 years and have been innovating constantly on the back of customer feedback.

In fact, with the recent ThinkPad 2018 launch, we have not only expanded our Thin and Light range but also addressed the customer requirements around security.

Above all, we consider the pre- and post-sales customer experience as the most important aspect. While we understand that PC is a commodity, in the enterprise world this is considered as a necessity. Hence, we are highly focused on improving the customer’s post sales experience by simplifying the way they can connect with us to highlight any problem.

In fact, we have not only innovated on the products but also on the routes through which customers can reach us. It’s not only IVR but also WhatsApp, Twitter, and our own application, Lencare, which enables remote diagnosis of the problem without the physical visit of the engineer. These are features which create great customer experience.

In addition, we have premier services for customers where response time is critical. These services are backed by highly efficient processes, technology and commitment to meet and surpass our customer’s expectations.

In my opinion, it is all about customer experience in order to differentiate from the competition.

How do your customer experience initiatives reflect in your business and market share in India? How do you plan to further strengthen your leadership?

Our focus on customer experience has delivered a lot for Lenovo on the market front. In the commercial space, we have market share of 34 percent in the Q4 2017 as per IDC. In fact, Lenovo has maintained its leadership position in the commercial space over the last two quarters. Moreover, we have grown at about 58 percent YoY in terms of volumes during 2016-2017.

We partnered with various state governments including Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Goa in their educational initiatives, which enabled us to retain our number 1 position.

In addition, we have structured our business around three focused verticals: very large enterprises, government and education. We have separate teams for each of the verticals, which ensure our winning market share. We will continue with this strategy. Further, we will strengthen our market position with the launch of our 2018 ThinkPad products, which specifically cater to the security requirements of the enterprises.

In addition, we will continuously improvise on our pre- and post-sales services.

What are your top priorities over the next 12-18 months?

Our top-most priority is customer-centricity and customer satisfaction. In fact, customer satisfaction has lots of sub-elements to it: the way we interact with the customer, how many customers we interact with, pre-sales experience, product experience, post-sales experience and innovations to meet the changing requirements of the customer. In fact, the heart of everything we plan to do is around customer satisfaction.

What are your plans around PC as a Service (PCaaS) in India?

PCaaS is a new initiative which will be an alternative for companies to consider as it helps in prioritizing investments to balance user demands against cost and technology maturity. In fact, PCaaS will help companies minimize the impact of technology obsolescence and reduce the management of PCs internally.

We are planning to soon introduce PCaaS for our customers in India in the next 2-3 months.

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