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Intel Select Solution for NFVi

Network Function Virtualization (NFVi) is a network architecture term. It uses the technologies of IT virtualization to virtualize entire classes of network node functions into building blocks that may connect, or chain together, to create communication services. One of Intel’s flagship product, Intel® Select Solutions for NFVI helps software and hardware manufacturers to provide a workload optimized server solution for edge data centres that simplifies and accelerates the process of selecting and deploying the hardware and software needed for today’s workloads and applications. Intel Select Solutions for NFVI represent the cutting edge technology that will accelerate the transformation of the network from end to end. It is developed by Intel® Builders partners and built on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.


When it comes to hardware and software, Intel® Select Solution for NFVi has several design advantages. The motherboard design advantage of it is the most important one. The server motherboards in the Intel® Select Solution are designed encompassing the build-in of additional symmetrical I/O design on top of the standard server design foundation. This symmetrical design enables balanced I/O partitions which helps the system recognize network, storage and other external devices and can improve the performance of these devices. The symmetrical design of Intel® Select Solution can utilize the dual processors to invoke Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) which benefits encryption/decryption and compression processes in the NFV network architecture.

The other important advantage is high-efficiency software and firmware stack. The system receives a more diverse choice of firmware, operating systems, drivers, hypervisor and other software components due to the decoupled design of the NFV software and hardware architecture on top of the hardware layer. Intel® Select Solution for NFVi architecture provides the Intel® Select Fast Track Development Kit which uses Ubuntu Linux as the host operating system for the solution and CoSPs can integrate Open Stack, Open vSwitch, and many other applications on top of this stack. Intel® Select Fast Track also provides various optimization tools and sample demo applications for the user at the same time. The users can see the optimal value of various key performance metrics by the system platform through these demos.

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