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Our partner Samudra LED has recently deployed a customized Microsoft IoT-platform-based solution created by ISV Precimetrix to monitor, control and manage smart LED public street lights in Jaipur

Meetul Patel, COO, Microsoft India

Meetul Patel
Meetul Patel, COO, Microsoft India

Internet of Things (IoT) has moved the world from a network of interconnected computers to a network of interconnected everything. Increased usage of linked devices, faster cloud adoption, and growth of high-speed networking systems has motivated every industry to embrace IoT solutions to augment their infrastructure.

While IoT may take few years to proliferate in India, there are cases where customers and industries are currently using it extensively. In the context of IoT, the sources of data generation are usually things with sensors or embedded devices. Edge computing serves as the decentralized extension of the campus networks, cellular networks, data center networks or the cloud. In a mobile-first and cloud-first country like India, there exists a new $100 billion opportunity to leverage intelligent cloud and intelligent edge solutions across industries. In fact, CXO’s are focusing on building competencies across IoT technology, manpower skill-sets, and business models, to build a scalable, conducive and competitive business.

In the IoT landscape, the number of connected devices has also been increasing at a tremendous rate over the last few years. Various companies across India have realized that they can use data to optimize costs, deliver better services, and boost revenues. In such a scenario, Microsoft continues to serve customers on a vast worldwide scale, who bring a wide range of technology needs making it necessary to develop open industry standards.

In addition, we embrace open sources and our partners by supporting standards that foster IoT innovation. By adding new competencies to its existing platform, Microsoft is among the first companies to offer end-to-end IoT capabilities, supporting emerging industrial use cases such as edge analytics and device management.

In terms of readiness, customers can now build highly customizable solutions using existing Microsoft templates which save time and money. To simplify connecting devices to the cloud, Microsoft IoT Central aims to make it easy for on-boarding devices and to manage them in the cloud through a streamlined user experience and consolidated billing.

For instance, Microsoft’s partner Samudra LED has recently deployed a customized Microsoft IoT-platform-based solution created by ISV Precimetrix to monitor, control and manage smart LED public street lights. The solution is powering India’s first Smart Street Lighting Project in Jaipur, underscoring Microsoft’s mission of transforming public spaces digitally. The project will benefit 1.65 million people through improved street lighting and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 36,750 metric tons/year. It will also result in $1 million per year in fiscal savings accrued to the government due to reduced energy consumption.

With IoT around, India can look forward to overcoming age-old challenges encountered on aspects such as extreme natural calamities, civic issues, efficient farming value chain, healthcare, education to name a few. Moreover, India and its technical competency are driving global innovations and helping realize possibilities that otherwise appears only virtually.

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