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Blockchain Is Changing The Future Of Human Rights – Part 2

Blockchain technology is widely popular for its implementation in the cryptocurrencies. But it is much more than an instrument of finance. It has the potential to create massive social change by tackling issues of financial, political and institutional corruption, thus protecting the human rights of every individual. Some of the similar has already unfolded around the world. Let’s take a look at it.

Preventing voter fraud


One of the key concerns for the United Nations’ since the 2016 elections has been the cybersecurity and voter fraud, and this isn’t even the first time voter legitimacy has been questioned. Around the world, voter fraud is a critical imposition on the productive and accountable formation of democracy. Providing an unhackable electronic vote-counting system, blockchain technology is making sure to secure an election during voter registration, and account for the voters identification and insure votes cannot be tampered with at a later date. Blockchain can create a permanent and public ledger for votes as tallied. This way, it promises a future of equitable democratic elections around the world.

Improving government efficiency

Blockchain can aid governments in being more efficient and secure by accelerating governmental capabilities, and affecting functions like public benefits, healthcare and education. Take a look at MedRec, a novel, decentralized record management system for EMRs. It uses blockchain technology to manage authentication, confidentiality, accountability, and data sharing.

So we see that how blockchain is a promising solution aiming to solve for some of the human rights most vulnerable areas like corruption and financial inequality. It is closing the economic gap and solving for the preservation of human rights by setting an international precedent, and hopefully a standard for transparency.

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