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Smart Traffic Management With Real Time Data Analysis

The adoption and use of technologies like Mobility, Cloud and Social Platforms, commonly referred to as SoCoMo, has made it possible to use focused applications for making our life easier and comfortable over the last decade. Whether it is getting that favourite movie ticket by just clicking a couple of buttons or simply paying your utility bills using mobile banking, use of technology has really changed the way we live, play and work. Let us look at how the use of Information and data available to us can be used to really create an efficient traffic management system.


The key to smooth traffic management system is connecting traffic signals and traffic command centres with a GIS-enabled digital road map of the city and using the power of analytics. We can manage traffic flow much better using real-time analytics of data from these sources and linking them to some trends. Services like Google Maps have efficiently harnessed these methods to show the users congestion on roads and ETA to reach a particular destination.

Gathering the data from the TMS, data analytics tools align it in real time with GIS mapping and parking management data provide information to the driver. This helps in reducing traffic pile up. Information from these systems is being projected in real time on digital screens guiding drivers to available parking slots and streets.

Although the use of technology in Traffic management is a known thing, the key to a successful traffic management in our cities is the use of data from different sources in real-time and processing information to take immediate decisions.

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