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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

Let’s take a look at the digital marketing trends that are all set to take over the way organizations function in 2018.

Video on demand

Social video engagement stats are going to be through the roof in 2018. Video content is the most effective tool for advertising on social media. Further cementing the fact are some of the statistics below:


  • 82% of Twitter’s audience views video content on the platform
  • YouTube viewers watch a billion hours of video each day
  • Facebook users consume over 8 billion videos every day

From 360-degree videos to live streams, there’s a huge variety of formats this video content can take givingthe marketing teams a serious amount of flexibility when it comes to planning video campaigns.

Social media influencers

The advantages of social influencer marketing have been well-established by now. Marketers will be looking to develop more long-term relationships with key social media influencers in 2018 to avoid the pressure of competing with rival brands. Take the example of Louis Vuitton’s 2016 partnership with Selena Gomez. The rival fashion brand Coach managed to sign a new deal with the celebrity influencer, leaving LV in a lurch.

The age of chatbots

Brands will be more inclusive of chatbots as part of their digital marketing strategy in 2018. More and more brands are working on using chatbots for customer support and perfecting their chatbot marketing strategy, a technology that has also seen bigtime AI improvements recently. An estimated 85% of customer interactions will be managed by chatbots by 2020.

Social media stories

Inspired by Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook too came out with their version of ‘stories’. Though it hit a lot of criticism in the beginning, it’s a huge hit with the millennials now. YouTube has also released a stories format of their own called “Reels”. The temporary nature of these stories makes people religiously check them out before they disappear, making sure the app gets maximum hits and views. Hence, stories can become a key part of the marketing strategy.

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