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“Data Explosion will Necessitate New Solid-State Architectures”

While elaborating on the changing customer behavior, Kaushal Veluri, Director, Channels and Alliances, NetApp India and SAARC, spoke to Amit Singh on how all-flash data centers and persistent memory will shape the IT infrastructure landscape in 2018

How do you see the customer buying behavior transforming in 2018?

Kaushal Veluri, Director, Channels and Alliances, NetApp India and SAARC

As IT evolves into being more central to organizational growth and as a business enabler, we foresee a balanced approach to IT spending. Previously, IT’s primary function was to automate and optimize processes like ordering, billing, and accounts receivable etc. However, now IT is integral in enriching customer relationships by offering always-on services, mobile apps and rich Web experiences.

We expect to see more organizations adopting hybrid cloud models with their applications and data residing in on-premise infrastructure, private clouds and public clouds. With IoT adoption, data is expected to increase exponentially and become distributed, dynamic and diverse. Organizations will have to become data-centric and learn to manage, move, analyze and control data effectively and efficiently.

We foresee new architectures to evolve that will focus on making the data in the organization secure and efficient while making the infrastructure future-proof and offering complete freedom of choice.

This will lead to new technologies being adopted like persistent memory, flash and HCI.

How is IoT affecting IT channel and how partners are preparing themselves to offer solutions around IoT?

As per an IDC report, data will become life critical by 2025; IoT will play a large role in driving this transformation with more than 95 percent of real time data generated from IoT. This would require fast, secure and cost-effective data management strategy with actionable recommendations based on in-depth analysis of any company’s current environment, organization, and processes.

The rise of IoT is making channels pay significant attention to build relevant solutions to manage the infrastructure. While IoT leads to significant increase in the amount of data, it requires organizations to not just collect and store the data but also analyze, manage and control its flow among disparate infrastructure platforms from on-premise datacenters to private and public clouds.

Channel organizations need to equip themselves with the skills needed to adapt their business models to support this rapid pace of change. They need to start focusing on architecting solutions around compute, data management and services.

How do you see IT infrastructure space shaping up in 2018?

In the IT infrastructure space, we see rise of new solid state-driven architectures necessitated by data explosion. As the demand to analyze enormous sets of data increases, we will need to move data closer to the compute resource. Persistent memory is what will allow ultra-low latency computing without data loss; and these latency demands will finally force software architectures to change and create new data driven opportunities for businesses. Flash technology has been a hot topic in the industry, and will only get faster. We predict all flash data centers in the near future.

Consequently, the demand for SDS/virtual SAN, HCI etc. is also expected to increase due to the dramatic increase in data centric workloads and changing customer needs. As more customers adopt cloud capabilities as part of their digital transformation, the need for managing data across traditional IT and multiple cloud solutions become critical.

Needless to say, channels and partners have been gradually adopting various levels of digital transformation to cope with the rising data with mixed results. They need to prepare holistic data centric strategies to create new customer touchpoints, new business opportunities, and greater efficiencies.

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