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How to avoid cybercrime

The penetration of internet in our daily lives has given a chance for cybercrime to flourish. With the digital age seeping in, we voluntarily give way to the dark alleys of the internet. Forbes reported it will cost $6 trillion per year on average through 2021.  Global ransomware damage costs for 2017 are predicted to exceed $5 billion.


The figures are enough proof of the dangerous times we are living in. So how do we tackle the epidemic of cybercrime? Awareness and precaution is the key.

Passwords and login details should regularly be updated. This cuts down the chances of being a target of cybercrime by deviating the hackers from a set pattern expectation. Similarly, an organization should train their employees to make security their watchword.

J.P. Morgan recently raised its annual cybersecurity budget from $250 million to $500 million. Microsoft Corp. invests over $1 billion annually in cybersecurity research and development. These are just examples of how important cybersecurity is for a business.

Computers should be well-equipped with appropriate firewalls and antivirus programs. Also, the operating system should be updated timely. Any activity that runs for a prolonged time on a computer without changes makes it easier to sniff for the criminals.

People should also avoid clicking on suspicious emails, as they prove to be major sources of malicious activities. Apart from this, an organization should also be prepared for an invasion as and when it occurs. All the information should regularly be backed up and sensitive information should have restricted access.

Most importantly, every organization should have a security expert within their economic capabilities. Because when things go haywire, only an expert can come to the rescue.

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