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The future of analysts- AI adds value

There is a deep fear in the technology industry- the fear of being replaced, not by colleagues, but by machines. With the increasing adoption of AI and Machine learning, many otherwise skilled resources will find it difficult to find relevant work.

AI adds value

But experts say the scenario need not be as bleak as that. With every new process falling to machine workers, there will be a certain advantage created for resources as well. For instance, it will improve the reach of technology drastically, cutting down man-hours by manifold. Research and innovation will speed up infinitely, since automating labor-intensive tasks like basic analytical activities, specialized analysts can use their time to derive more strategic insights for almost all fields.  Their job of number crunching was made easier by the advent of computers many decades ago, and now it’s time for the next revolution.  The machines are now learning, reacting and delivering.  Analysts and researchers now need not waste time and effort for crunching miles of scenarios, reading between lines in these gargantuan number lists or work on trying to understand what each tic in the list means.  They can instead use their superior skills to ask more relevant questions, derive more strategic outcomes. But here the key is, defining specific outcomes. With such clarity, super speed analysis at hand, smart analysts will become an even bigger asset to the market.

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