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Is your Open Source system more secure than others?

The most common myth about Open Source is that it is open, hence less secure. What’s the truth?

The fact that it is open lends it easy for more inspection, and hence can be checked for security at all times- its source code is available to anyone who needs to know. So, it has access to much better skills in the FOSS community, at any time. But, while making a generalization that OS is more secure, we may be wrong what should be said is that if there is a security risk, Open Source apps can be can be audited and fixed, much faster and better than closed ones. So, when so many developers have access to the source code of these projects, potential threats and vulnerabilities can be identified and even flaws in design can fix much faster.

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As far as Linux is concerned, it has a built-in security save.  The best way to curtail the damage from a potential threat is to limit access to the program, and that’s how Linux fights its threats.  It does not grant full administrator, nor root access to user accounts by default. Here, accounts are usually lower-level and have no privileges within the wider system. This ensures limited virus attack velocity and volume.

So, overall, the open-source platforms provide users the opportunity and the wherewithal to keep abreast of new and evolving requirements, ensuring correctness at all times. This by itself is the single biggest argument for it being more secure than proprietary platforms.

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