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“We are the Leading Hardened Enterprise Security Solutions Provider in the World”

“We are the Leading Hardened Enterprise Security Solutions Provider in the World” Adam Cason, Director, Product Marketing, Futurex, in a brief conversation with Amit Singh talked about the company’s India GTM and plans, and how does its hardened security platform differs from the solutions from the competition

Data breaches and other forms of cyber attacks are on the rise in India? How can Futurex solutions help arrest this?

It’s important to note that alongside an increase in the volume of cyber attacks, we are also seeing an increase in their sophistication. This is making advanced cryptographic solutions crucial for corporate organizations, government entities, and the VARs and partners supporting them to protect their most sensitive data.

Adam Cason, Director, Product Marketing, Futurex

For over 35 years, Futurex has been a globally recognized provider of hardened, enterprise-class data security solutions. Over 15,000 customers worldwide have trusted Futurex’s innovative Hardened Enterprise Security Platform and the VirtuCrypt Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud to provide market-leading solutions for the secure encryption, storage, transmission, and certification of sensitive data.

While compliance could be one reason for hardening some key business processes, what other factors should be considered as well?

Organizations must consider the cost of a potential data breach when determining how to harden their business processes and secure sensitive data. This process includes reviewing all data stored and processed, classifying it according to sensitivity. Once there is a complete understanding of the scope of data needing protection, decisions can be made about implementing encryption and key management solutions.

Compliance is clearly one of the most important drivers, but it’s important to take other factors into consideration as well, including data volume, anticipated growth rate, information sensitivity, and more.

How does your hardened security platform differ from the existing security solutions?

Our Hardened Enterprise Security Platform is the industry’s only integrated cryptographic infrastructure providing data security functionality, centralized management, high availability, remote administration, and Nth-degree scalability with zero reliance on third-party or non-cryptographically hardened technology. It incorporates solutions for data encryption, key, certificate, token management, remote and centralized configuration, trusted identity, cloud services, and so on.

Please elaborate on Futurex’s global business with performance highlights and achievements in the last 12-18 months.

Futurex has seen tremendous success recently. Within large tier-1 deployments, we are recognized as the leading provider of hardened enterprise security solutions in the world. We built this reputation on our ability to maintain our 100 percent successful track record of customer implementations.

Our approach to innovation is to develop first-to-market customer solutions; these are new products developed for and with our top customers to meet requirements, which in turn meet broader market requirements. Our top customers repeatedly turn to us for new projects based on our proven track record.

Please let us know about your India business focus? Please elaborate on your key solutions that you are aggressively pushing in India and why?

We are seeing a wide range of data protection requirements expand across the Indian marketplace, including projects for financial data protection, key management, tokenization, UIDAI, digital signatures, and so on.

We expect demand in the Indian marketplace for enterprise data security to continue growing rapidly, both in terms of on-premises hardware as well as cloud-based encryption services. By working with partners and VARs to help expand the role of our solutions in diverse environments, we expect to see continued success.

What is your GTM strategy in India?

Futurex’s go-to-market strategy in India involves working with a range of valued partners, VARs, and application providers. We will continue to expand and develop these relationships over the coming years.

Futurex constantly seeks to partner with companies that help drive market penetration and revenue growth by delivering cryptographic solutions to customers who need to keep their highly sensitive data safe and secure. Unique benefits to partnering with Futurex include access to a compliance-mandated market, industry-leading product and service portfolio, co-branded event opportunities, and access to VirtuCrypt’s portfolio of cloud-based services.

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