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Trident group adopts PeopleStrong Alt to improve productivity at workplace

Trident Group, a leading textile manufacturer, has partnered with HR solutions and technology provider PeopleStrong as it seeks to scale up with increased employee productivity and retention level. The Ludhiana-based USD 1 billion textile to paper conglomerate has selected PeopleStrong Alt, cloud based HR software , to deliver exceptional mobile-based experience to its workforce.


Companies which have adopted PeopleStrong Alt have delivered 10-15% higher productivity per employee and 20% higher employee retention – which translate to a better rate of return on employee cost and experience.

PeopleStrong Alt is a HR SaaS product, powered by mobile and artificial intelligence that aims at delivering improved business productivity and exceptional employee experience.

While these are the mid to long term benefits, there are various immediate benefits which often push organizations to take the SaaS HR route. Some key reasons are:

  1. Scalability: What gives comfort for the company is that HR SaaS solutions provides the ease and flexibility to scale up without having to worry about anything. Organizations pay as they use with best in class infrastructure and that can rapidly scale as per the needs.
  2. Consistent Superlative Experience: With distributed operations in multiple working shifts, creating a consistent experience is one of the major asks. PeopleStrong Alt with its intuitive UI and keeping user at the Center of everything creates seamless experiences which not only impacts the experience but the efficiency that the employee needs.
  3. Mobile and AI powered: As “Digital Natives” form major part of organization’s workforce, PeopleStrong Alt empowers the employees to connect, collaborate and analyse through mobile and Artificial Intelligence at the core of the offering.

Speaking on the move, Rajinder Gupta, Chairman, Trident group said “Textile as an industry and Trident Group as a Leader in the market has been making headway in the past few years. As we started making digital as an integral part of our way of working, our employee’s work life could not be left alone. PeopleStrong with its robust scalable yet simple solution became the perfect partner as we embarked on this journey.”

This accelerated growth in HR Tech adoption falls in line with a recent study by PeopleStrong that states “2 in every 3 businesses, have either already adopted or are planning to adopt SaaS HR Technology in the next 6 months”. The trend is common for enterprises of all sizes (be it mid or large sized) and across different industry sectors. Speaking on the occasion Shelly Singh, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, PeopleStrong shared,” It is exciting to see adoption of HR SaaS at such a pace. Our sole objective is to Simplify and keeping the user which is the employee at the Center. Be it first generation users or large enterprises with  the , power of mobile and AI is making the move to HR SaaS technology a lucrative business proposition and we are delighted to enable our customers in this move”.

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