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There is High Demand for ‘Out-of-the-Box Surveillance’

Sudhindra Holla, Country Manager, India and SAARC, Axis Communications, spoke to Amit Singh over how the company is grabbing opportunities from convergence of physical security and IT

Physical security is going through a phase of convergence with IT as customers want multiple systems to work together seamlessly. How are you leveraging this opportunity?

Sudhindra Holla, Country Manager, India and SAARC, Axis Communications

With respect to convergence, we see a growing trend of customers seeking integrated solutions so that they work seamlessly. We saw this coming and thereby created a consortium of six vendors encompassing surveillance, analytics, storage, video management, access control and network control. Axis, with its ecosystem partners – Allied Telesis, Milestone, iComply and Solus – educate customers on buying end-to-end solutions.

We have observed high demand for ‘Out-of-the-box surveillance,’ specifically from the SMBs and mid-market customers. The Axis Camera Station S10 recorder is an out-of-the-box video management solution with pre-installed Axis Camera Station software. It enables mid-sized businesses with a complete, end-to-end security and surveillance solution.

Increasing uptake of high-resolution (HD-UHD) video solutions is resulting in need for greater storage capacity. In light of this, what are the trends you observe around SSDs and cloud-based storage?

Today as more and more connected data ecosystems are flourishing, there is driving demand for digital storage capacity. The cloud has been regarded as a threat to traditional storage solutions, but that is an incorrect assumption—rising rates of cloud adoption will increase demand for the hard drives and solid state drives, creating more opportunities for storage vendors.

At Axis Communications, we have the Zipstream technology which reduces the bandwidth and storage requirements by approximately 50 percent for 24/7 surveillance situations. Axis Zipstream technology analyzes and optimizes your video stream in real time. Scenes containing interesting details are recorded in full image quality and resolution, while others areas are filtered out. Important forensic details like faces, tattoos or license plates are isolated and preserved, while irrelevant areas such as white walls, lawns and vegetation are sacrificed using smoothing. The result is optimal use of available bandwidth and storage – and significant savings at no extra investment.

What is the adoption you observe around wireless technologies including mobile access and remote management in the access control market?

Until very recently, when we referred to access control the first thing that came to mind was remote access. Like when you are at work, how do you gain access to your home or car? However, with cloud and mobile there is no concept of remote any longer. Today, the IP-based systems enable installations that are more flexible and scalable.

At Axis Communications, we have recently introduced the IP based solution integrating HID Global’s Mobile Access with Axis A1001 Network Door Controller and Axis Entry Manager software. The solution stores secure identities on smartphones for opening doors and locks instead of managing traditional printed identity credentials. This improves convenience for end users and represents a more cost-effective and simpler way to manage credentials. It also provides the highest levels of security and privacy protection available in access control.

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