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DivorceKart – India’s first app for legal queries on Divorce –

Divorcekart is India’s first legal app that focuses on answering legal queries regarding divorce instantly. The App which is available free on both IOS and Android platform is going to serve as an online help platform for those couples who may feel that the marriage is over, and are unsure of their legal rights and process if and when they file the divorce. The app will only be a help platform to understand one’s legal rights and would not recommend or advise any person to end a marriage or continue with it.


 Divorcekart, in English language to begin with will offer free immediate legal solutions, the app offers instant chat 24X7 and will guide the person who has downloaded the app about the court procedures. As the person goes through the app asking questions, the confidentiality stays intact with attorney client privilege being applicable and no third party gets to know about personal details of the person posting queries. The App hopes that with the advice and guidance being offered free to the litigants, it would play a role in minimizing the emotional and financial turbulence a litigant may be going through.

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