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Zicom Pens Aggressive Strategy for VSaaS

Amit Singh

Zicom is charting aggressive strategy with focus on video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) to increase its services business. The company has 3-pronged strategy to quadruple its services business from Rs 50 crore in March 2017 to Rs 200 crore by 2020.


The company expects video surveillance market to be driven by VSaaS with IoT-based security systems enabling effective monitoring and crime prevention. “There is an acute need to monitor video surveillance systems as many a time cameras are not working at the time of the incident. IoT is proving to be crucial in monitoring systems health through command and control centers. Our VSaaS initiative is an attempt to remove complications and ease out monitoring,” elaborated Pramoud Rao, Managing Director, Zicom Electronic Security Systems.

He claimed that Zicom is the first company in India to introduce IoT-based security systems with its VSaaS. In fact, the customer need not own the system and just pays on a monthly basis for end-to-end video surveillance and monitoring services.

Zicom is aggressively marketing its VSaaS with the recent addition of three platforms – Zicom Aadhar Platform (ZAP), Vehicle Passenger Safety (VPS) and ZiMan – as value-additions to its real-time surveillance and monitoring. ZAP enables visitor pass management through visitor verification on Aadhar database. VPS helps in vehicle tracking, vehicle health monitoring, theft prevention and breakdown assistance. On the other hand, ZiMan is a personal safety ecosystem with features like personal safety, Aadhaar verification, tracking safety, emergency maps, mobile and digital safety, and quick response management through Zicom Command Center.

“With these three platforms, our VSaaS offers end-to-end personal safety, surveillance and monitoring services to customers. We are gaining momentum in this space and expect VSaaS to become a major contributor to our overall revenues,” shared Rao.

Zicom is targeting large enterprises, BPOs, banks, and insurance companies for large VSaaS deals. It offers services across 1100 cities and has over 110 enterprises as customers. In addition, the company has become aggressive on its VSaaS for housing societies. It currently has 4000 housing societies across Mumbai and Pune for its VSaaS and recently expanded to Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Zicom also has plans to expand further to Surat and Gurgaon by 2017-end.

Further, the company has big channel plans to expand VSaaS across the country. While VSaaS has been a direct business for the company, Zicom has recently started looking for channel partners for services. “We have kept it simple for partners; they need to implement the video surveillance solution as usual and connect to our command center to provide monitoring and value-added services. We are offering 30-35 percent margins on the services revenues to partners. This is a win-win proposition for both,” explained Rao.

The company has already tied-up with few partners and is expecting to rope in almost 500 partners for its services business by March 2018 through series of roadshows across multiple cities.

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