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Smartivity, an Indian Edu Tech startup, goes global

Makers of Tech-Enabled Educational toys takes innovative ways of understanding concepts around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) to the First World

Smartivity Labs, India’s leading edu-tech start up with a focus on delivering play-filled STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Math) learning through tech-enabled toys and activities, has expanded its horizons to discerning and demanding global markets like USA, Australia, Spain and Portugal, among others.


Since its inception in 2015, Smartivity has emerged as the most loved and trusted brand of over 500,000 children and their parents in India, through its innovative educational toys and activities, enabling them to understand concepts around STEM in a hands-on, engagement-driven, play-filled manner. Their portfolio spans the entire physical – digital spectrum including STEM educational DIY toys made from recycled wood, Augmented Reality enabled activities, Virtual Reality learning experiences, Robotics and IoT games.  Ensuring safety for children Smartivity produces toys that are environment friendly and made from recycled wood and cater to children between 3 to 14 years of age group.

Conceived and produced by a team of passionate designers from India’s premier technology and design schools like IITs, NID, NIFT and J J School of Art, Smartivity is working to make a difference to education through innovative technologies. Smartivity products are designed to provide digital native children with physical activities that are extended to digital world.

Speaking on the announcement Mr. Tushar Amin Co-founder Smartivity said, “We believe that the future will be shaped by those who have a thorough understanding of STEM subjects. At the heart of every Smartivity offering are our core beliefs that experiential, playful ‘smarter learning’ is the best antidote to rote learning; that the right balance of analytical, practical and creative skills is critical for real world success; and that, every child should experience the joy and pride of making things with their own hands. Our innovative toys and activities bridge the physical and digital worlds. We are happy to expand our horizons and take this global.”

Today Smartivity is available across all large format & online stores across India and also has a tie up with leading international retail store Hamleys. In 2015, Smartivity raised US $1 million in a pre-Series-A round of funding from VC funds, led by India’s largest textbook publishing firm S Chand. They are in talks with investment firms for next round of funding.

Through its innovative portfolio that combines physical activity with technological innovations, Smartivity is emerging as the favourite brand of STEM educational toys for parents and children across the world.

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