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We stand out #1 in virtually every aspect of client and enterprise computing

Srihari Palangala, Director and Head of Marketing, Dell EMC, India, spoke to Amit Singh on how the focus has changed with the formation of Dell EMC and how the company is leveraging its #1 position as a key differentiator

A lot has transpired since the Dell EMC formation. Please let us understand how has the focus changed with Dell EMC?

With the formation of Dell EMC, our unified focus stands on four pillars. In fact, the intent of our technology in the Dell EMC umbrella is to help organizations reinvent themselves for digital, IT, workforce and security transformation.

Srihari Palangala
Srihari Palangala, Director and Head of Marketing, Dell EMC

If you look at the world around us today, you will be able to understand the importance of these pillars. Our average attention span has been reduced to not more than 8 seconds due to the data deluge. Secondly, the amount of data that we are generating is growing exponentially.

The third dimension is that how are people working today. People are not necessarily going to offices for work and may be working remotely. As per various researches almost 80 percent of the employees prefer to work remotely. The fourth dimension is the kind and amount of cyber attacks we are facing. According to estimates, over 1 million attacks are launched every day.

Hence, the technology is affecting and transforming the way we work and live. With our family of businesses including Dell, EMC, VMware, Pivotal, Virtustream, RSA and SecureWorks, we are rightly positioned to transform businesses to operate in today’s digital environment. Individually, each of these companies is specialized in their particular areas. Together as a family, we are focused to help companies transform digitally. That’s the way the new company has come forward to offer value to customers.

With over a quarter as a combined entity, what are the strengths Dell EMC possesses to deliver on the four pillars of transformation?

We have an extremely rich portfolio with our family of companies under Dell EMC. We stand out #1 in virtually every aspect of client and enterprise computing, which strengthens our position to deliver on our four pillars.

On the enterprise computing side, we are #1 in technologies including converged infrastructure, storage, data center automation, private and public cloud infrastructure, cloud system management software, and virtualization. On the client computing front, we have increased our global PC share on a year-on-year basis for the 16th consecutive quarter as of Q42016. That’s a phenomenal run for growth in market share.

Moreover, to give you a perspective of the strength of our products, we are leaders in 15 Gartner Magic Quadrants, as of March 2017.

Further, the kind of investments we have made in R&D justifies our leadership in enterprise as well as client computing. Over the last three years, we have invested $12.7 billion in R&D globally, which also reflects in 21,000 patents and patent applications.

All of this reflects a fabulous trajectory of continuous innovations and progress to bolster our four pillars.

Dell EMC now represents a large portfolio of products from client to enterprise computing. What opportunities does the combined portfolio have to bring value to customers and partners?

Along with a massive and robust portfolio, we have got greater partner footprint and customer engagement with Dell EMC.

We are leveraging on the synergy between the family of our businesses. This gives us ability to go deep into our customer base and have deeper conversation around our rich portfolio. The synergy enables us to talk about solutions from EMC, VMware, Pivotal and RSA to our set of existing Dell customers and vice versa.

Moreover, the combined partner footprint has increased our ability to go broader. Today, lot of IT infrastructure demand is coming from businesses in Tier-2 and -3 cities. With greater synergy between our partners, we are now in the position to cater to their requirements to get on to the digital bandwagon.

Further, as Dell and EMC came together we launched the new channel partner program, which has been received extremely well among the partners. This is the integrated program for the whole partner ecosystem and contains all the best features of the previous programs.

The overall synergy across the organization is guided by the leadership team which includes Rajesh Janey, who heads the enterprise team. Alok Ohrie heads the commercial team and the partner organization is headed by Anil Sethi.

What are your top focus areas for the next 12-18 months? How are you gearing up to achieve success in these areas?

As customers are looking for a trusted partner who could offer a one-stop shop for all their transformational needs, Dell EMC is upping its ante to grab this opportunity.  Our top focus areas include going deeper with our customers, achieving breadth with our partner footprint, and leveraging our #1 position as a key differentiator.

We will leverage the synergy between our businesses to have deeper connect with customers in order to up sell and cross sell. BFSI, government, healthcare and education are few of the verticals we are focusing on. These are the verticals which are undergoing lot of digital and IT transformation.

Another major focus is to achieve breadth into tier-2 and -3 cities like Goa, Ludhiana, Surat, Kochi, and Coimbatore which are very strong on the digital journey. Our vast partner ecosystem will allow us to achieve the breadth.

Further, we will leverage our market leading position to acquire more customers. In fact, our #1 position across the enterprise and client computing will make lot of customers opt for Dell EMC. They would be more willing to work with a vendor offering one-stop shop for all their IT needs. That’s another reason for us to go and have deeper and meaningful conversations with our customers.

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