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Online-Offline Mix Reaps Success; B2Badda goes Hybrid; Opening Outlets Pan-India

After successfully introducing the concept of e-Distribution in India, B2Badda has adopted a Hybrid model experimenting with a blend of online business guided by offline experience zones at strategic locations. Hyderabad is the latest city on the list.

Less than a month ago, B2BAdda opened its first experience zone in Karol Bagh, Gaffar market – the electronic wholesale hub of Delhi. The idea was to guide the retailers on how to join the Digital India movement and upgrade to the e-Distribution marketplace.


With the plan in place and promising results visible, the startup spread wings and inaugurated its second store in Jaipur within two weeks of the Delhi store launch. The strategy remained the same – Grab a spot right in the heart of the wholesale market of the city, get the attention of the retailers all around, encourage them to try the e-Bazaar, and impress them with the ease and deals on offer. The Jaipur launch was soon followed by a store opening in Khwaja Plaza, the wholesale electronic hub of Mumbai, on July 14.

Hyderabad is the latest city on the map of B2Badda. The startup opens its Experience Zone in the tech town today in Sultan Bazar, Koti, and expects promising results from the Hyderabad market and towns in its vicinity.

Excited with the results, founder Yogesh Bhatia says, “We believe in approaching business at the grassroot. We like to be where our buyer is, hear what he exactly wants, and understand what troubles him. No matter how successful your social media strategy is, ultimately it is the customer and the business that matters. Devices and connectivity might have reached the masses, but the desired impact is still missing. To make the bulk-buyers shed their inhibitions and have a test-drive of the system, we are reaching out to them by way of our experience zones.”

The first four Experience Zones will be followed by 12 more stores in various metros of India. After the Hyderabad store opening, Bangalore (SP Road), Chennai (Richi Street), Cochin (Penta Menka), Ludhiyana (Gur Mandi), Bhopal, Lucknow (Ganj Bazar), Kolkata (Chandni Market), Vijaywada, Raipur and Patna are to follow soon.

B2Badda Business Model

Through its app and online platform, B2Badda gives its buyers a respite from door to door price checks, never-ending negotiations, delays and many other hassles of offline distribution. The user-friendly website and mobile app of B2Badda.com is a ray of hope in making the B2B business dealings much more efficient, transparent and organised.

The brands, sellers and buyers can easily manage their dashboard panel on their own. That saves a lot of time that is otherwise wasted in repeated inventory, pricing, product uploads, etc. B2Badda.com’s major focus areas are retailers, SMEs, B2B and GT. The platform’s reach will very soon be deeper, much more comprehensive and detailed as compared to the traditional network.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, B2Badda offers a choice of huge product range in multiple categories including – mobiles & tablets, kitchen & home appliances, home furnishings, accessories, electronics & IT products. The platform offers its buyers to get the best deals from more than 255 brands selling more than 7000 products through the platform.

Since its launch in January 2017, B2Badda.com has experienced explosive growth, becoming the largest B2B platform in its segment in India. With more than 35,000 buyers already registered with the platform, B2Badda.com is the only digitally native e-Distribution platform that has garnered such a huge buyer and seller base.

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