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Telecom services delivery goes the “Appy” way

  • Mobile Apps most preferred way of getting telecom services
  • Customers prefer service delivery without personal visit
  • Faster activation of services and home delivery appeal to the customers

The ubiquitous mobile retailers are losing out to Mobile apps in service delivery for telecom products in Delhi/NCR. These facts have come out in a survey undertaken in the region by mobile services aggregator 10digi. Customers prefer home delivery of telecom services using mobile apps majorly. Websites, which again are an online medium, are a distant but second most preferred way of getting telecom services in the region. This in a way seems to suggest that local mobile retailers and company stores are falling out of favour due to the fact that the customer has to personally visit these places to complete the transaction.


The major highlights of this survey are as follows:

  • Mobile app (52%) is increasingly becoming the most preferred way of getting telecom services by customers. Websites are a distant second (23%). Local mobile retailers (12%) and company stores (13%) are losing ground mostly to competition from Apps.
  • Mobile Apps (Especially apps of telecom aggregators which offer services for all major telecom brands and individual apps of each telecom operators) are a clear winner (with 70% votes) and the most preferred way for getting telecom services activated in minimum amount of time.
  • Customers find it easier to get a recharge done for its prepaid services using online methods
    dominated by mobile apps (57 %)and followed by websites (31%)
  • Hassle free documentation is a clear forte (with 69% votes) of Mobile apps primarily belonging to telecom aggregators. All other modes have almost similar level of preferences.
    Best offers (discounts etc) in telecom services are also offered by the mobile apps
  • Customers find telecom apps the most convenient way for getting multi brand telecom services.
  • Mobile apps and websites offering telecom services are the best ways to save a customer from the hassles of personal visit while looking for a telecom service.

Speaking on the insights of the survey by 10digi, Mr. Ozair Yasin, Managing Director, 10digi said
“With the rapid strides in online connectivity and proliferation of mobile connectivity the mobile apps which provide multi brand telecom services to the customers are being preferred by the customers. Moreover, home delivery of telecom services is the way to go as most customers find it hassle free of getting the same services without having to move out. We feel this is where telecom service providers should be concentrating for providing their services in the times to come.”

The survey seems to suggest that even the offline modes of service delivery like local mobile retailers and company stores will have to take help of online methods, mostly app based methods for service delivery if they want to make a mark and also make the documentation and activation of services hassle free and fast.

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