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Evolving Threats need Cutting-Edge Security

Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO and Managing Director, eScan

eScan, one of the leading anti-virus & content security solutions for desktops, Smartphones and servers, is developed and marketed by MicroWorld. Powered by technologies like MWL Technology, DIRC Technology, NILP Technology and sophisticated Anti-Virus Heuristic Algorithms that not only provides protection from current threats, but also provides proactive protection against evolving threats, it has achieved several certifications and awards from some of the most prestigious testing bodies. Notable among them are AV-Comparatives, Virus Bulletin and AV-Test, ICSA, and PCSL labs. Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO and Managing Director, eScan, speaks to ITPV on the current threats scenario and how enterprises can deal with it.

eScan provides security solutions. How do you see security evolving given the new IoT and remote management systems that the market is seeing today?

Today humanity depends on technology for everyday life, IoT and Remote management systems are now an extension to it to make life easier, be it in personal or professional environment. With the advent of technology and its integration with web interface, today all devices use net as an access point to control the devices. As everything online also brings with it a threat from cyber criminals, these devices also could be point of access or bots in future. That gives rise to an exponential growth opportunity for cyber security and its importance to stay safe and safe guard the privacy or data. Further, the digital initiatives and smart city projects will also open up large opportunity for security solution provider, as it becomes paramount to safeguard and create protected networks.

Do you have solutions for security in the cloud?

eScan has developed cloud based “eScan Security Network” which is an integral part of our R&D system to provide real time protection against security breakouts.

Leveraging a combination of advanced technologies such as Signature, Heuristics, as well as Behavioural Analytics (PBAE Technology), we provide advanced level of detection and remediation for any kind of cyber threats – viruses, spyware, adware, key loggers, root kits, botnets, hackers, spam and phishing. With its advanced web protection and anti-spam modules, eScan is fully capable of blocking malicious websites and hacking attempts that can steal banking credentials or private data from user computers. All these technology advancement uses the cloud backbone to detect and mitigate cyber threats.

With the digital theme colouring the entire country’s technology outlook, how do you think the threat of security can be tackled?

Consumerization of technology is one of the biggest trends which is driving business. While the trends bring more people to the online space for day to day life, making virtually every aspect of a human life as easy as possible. It also creates a lucrative and fertile ground for the cyber criminals to prowl upon. Hence, proactive security solution needs to be an integral part of the growing digital life of individual to businesses, since data theft of any kind- financial or personal information- are under constant attack by hackers to cyber attackers. An aware consumer or business can stay safe if they anticipate and are prepared with strong security measures during the online activities or usage. Hence security solutions are an essential part of both the facilitator as well as the user.

Apart from the safety, there has to be strong laws and policies to be made by government to protect and mitigate issues quickly for cyber victims. This would create a lot more confidence for users to embrace technology.

Do you see India evolving as a hub for security solutions given our startup enthusiasm?

Yes, and in fact there have been many startups working on these technologies. They are creating various security level solutions built around some of the growing concerns of data leak prevention, data encryption, VAPT, Authentication solutions etc. India being at the centre of the technology revolution worldwide, and with abundant skill set and expertise availability, could be the center of security solution development center in the world.

What are your latest solutions for enterprise?

Data security and confidentiality is one of the prime concerns for CIOs today. With growing device agnostic networks, and as BYOD penetration increases, it is one of the topmost issues for every CIO to manage their data and network security while allowing seamless business operations. To support the CIO, eScan has developed strong EPP, EMM and MTDR solutions, which empower the system administrators to take control of the data and network security, as well as devices, by implementing strong rules and policies. We have also created multi layered model of security solution for any advance level of cyber threats.

With over two decades of experience, eScan’s R&D team has developed a combination of technologies with artificial intelligence, like Proactive Behavioural Analysis Engine (PBAE) technology to provide proactive and efficient security solutions for managing endpoints in a network seamlessly from ransom ware, APT and DDOS attacks. eScan’s enterprise solutions include Malware threat defence and remediation, data leak and prevention, employee productivity and monitoring tools, Audit and compliance of assets and many other advanced features with a centralized management console. In addition to these it also provides secure unified console for managing Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile endpoints.

How do you see the channel community’s support for your business? How do you support them?

Being an agile and channel centric organization, we engage with our channel partners closely in all security deployment and support needs. Channel enablement is one of our essential partner programs, which creates a win win situation for mutual growth and long term association for GTM activities. We strongly believe channel partners are our extended family and help us expand our reach and proactively position our product and solution with the end users.

One of our key channel initiatives is around partner enablement and training. For partners who are signed into our program, we conduct regular training programs on sales, pre-sales and support. With an aim to reach the audience from large enterprises to small businesses, we have a 24×7 technical team to provide support via email, call and online chat. These not only help our partners in promoting the right technology usage to our customers, but also provide the first level of support. This helps in

In your opinion, should security be an application focused issue or a policy focused one?

The cyber security solutions should be a combination of application and policy based deployment as it has to be a holistic approach to provide a secured environment against any unforeseen attacks. Enterprise or Individual data starts floating around the interconnected world, making security and privacy a major concern for breach. As technology evolves, so do the threat levels for these critical data, hence an integrated solution for application and policy together can provide a much better security protection than any one. A system admin can utilise a strong security solution with both application and policy level solution in a network for holistic view of the health of the network with single dashboard rather than looking at silos.

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