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How will AI Change Human Life?

Enterprise could do well to explore areas where AI can collaborate with humans to produce products that will create markets, not merely sell products.

When mobility came into our lives, it was a novelty. When artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly adopted for human life, it is rocket science. What is it that makes enterprises and societies sit up and take so much notice of the technology that universities and technology schools have used for years, and industry is just adopting? The ambition to see a real life Terminator or an iRobot gone  right?How-will-AI-Change-Human-Life

We take orders from Siri and directions from Alexa. We also see digital assistants in many applications. These are the more everyday application of Artificial intelligence. These are the products where cognitive abilities are married to machine learning and the product is almost as intelligent as a human mind. It can then do mundane tasks, or repetitive tasks, on a regular basis. Perhaps the best use of this technology will be for tasks on shop floor or heavy jobs or jobs will require many man hours of manual labour, or even desk jobs like event planners. Checking through thousands of resume s in a day is not humanly possible, but AI makes it so.

Coding for lower level apps  will no longer need costly human resources, a bot can code  if it is trained to do it, and this will be one the most common applications of this technology in years to come, giving a completely new turn to the ITES industry. The dreaded ‘automaton’ is driven by AI!

But the biggest and most useful application will be what AI or cognitive ability can do with Data.

Analytics can be automated, and the results can actually   change the entire enterprise or even an industry. With cognitive intelligence analytics apps, the human effort required can be further reduced, and the data volume can be further increased- for faster and even more accurate insights.

This data analysis will be AI’s trump card for the next few years, and certainly head and shoulders above many other tasks that it can do with ease.

But these aside, there are many new tasks that AI can help with.

It can intelligently and discreetly be your guiding light. We already have Siri, Alexa, Duer (a digital assistant for the Chinese search engine Baidu), Microsoft’s Cortana, Facebook’s M, and Google Assistant (not to mention Tony Stark’s Jarvis). Children’s product giant Mattel recently launched Aristotle, which is a voice-controlled AI device that can soothe babies, read bedtime stories, and even tutor older kids.

Soon these assistance will become almost invisible- Sony and Apple have developed wireless ear buds with tiny microphones that will be able to remind you about mundane things  – like a date, interview, meeting or just to take your meds, or even take flowers home!  These helpers could even more discreetly help humans with extremely delicate physical activities- a sensors system developed by NASA can be put on the skin of the throat and neck to help interpret nerve activity. So, even a silent movement of the tongue will be caught and interpreted into words! This, clearly has huge applications in healthcare. Watson and its utility in oncology has been the talk of the town for a while now!

The next step, the integration of IoT and AI, will be the next revolution in human lifestyle. From an enterprise point of view the connected world just got more intelligent!

The devices that right now just ‘talk’ to each other will then be able to also decide what to talk! So while a refrigerator can order veggies when a particular slot is empty, it will soon be able to make payments or even design menus to offer you the best choice of nutrition!

These are not merely sci Fi, but a definitive reality. Computers like Deep Blue have defeated chess champions, and this is a clear show of how artificial intelligence is much stronger than human intelligence, once trained properly. The future may see a whole crowd of intelligent devices designed to make our lives smoother, efficient and …less private.

Enterprise could do well to explore areas where AI can collaborate with humans to produce products that will create markets, not merely sell.

Till then we need to contend with nutrition advising cereal boxes,   refrigerators and air conditioners that decide your environment  needs and baths that decide the temperature you need to plunge in.

Science aside, AI will surely set us on the first step to the next level of technology adoption in real, everyday life.


Kanika Goswamy

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