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Open Source is here to stay


Amarjeet Manchanda, Director, Solution Architectures, at Red Hat India

OSS is the technology of choice for a number of enterprises across verticals and of course is no longer the nerdy choice! It offers a number of advantages and most companies are coming to realize its benefits more than ever before. With the government firmly backing them, and almost all areas of enterprise adopting OS, it’s not a matter of time for success, it’s the time for reaping benefits, says Amarjeet Manchanda, Director, Solution Architectures, at Red Hat India

The first, obvious question. OS is no longer a nerd technology. Apart from scalability and cost, what other advantages do you think it offers for enterprise solutions?

Open Source Software solutions have seen major growth over the last decade. As the commercial use of Open Source components continues to expand, OSS is addressing the needs of multiple industries in terms of choices of rapid innovation, cost, security and flexibility and has become an integral part of various organisations across the globe. Apart from scalability and cost, it also offers various other advantages that can be really beneficial for an enterprise.

  • Seamless Quality of Software: With ready availability of the source code, most open source softwares are brilliantly designed. It also provides in house developers the leeway to customize the software according to organisational needs.
  • No vendor lock-in: Open Source offers freedom from vendor lock-ins. IT personnel in various organisations face constant exasperation due to the hassle involved in dealing with vendor lock ins. Open source software with its focused attention on community based development gives the enterprises more flexibility to efficiently address such disadvantages.
  • Community support: Open Source communities are a major asset where the community support is not only freely available but also can be accessed easily. Apart from community assistance, most open source software organisations also provide maintenance and support.
  • Security: Since most Open Source solutions are freely available and open for the community to work and develop on, the bugs and vulnerabilities in an open source solution get fixed very quickly, as compared to a proprietary software that may take weeks before the flaw is corrected. Besides, any potential security flaw goes through thousands and millions of pairs of eyes from disparate domains or backgrounds, and stands a higher probability of getting isolated, than just limiting the whole process to a few dozens of engineers inside four walls.

Government and SME sectors are your best users. Do you have any specific apps that help SMEs in their growth curve?

Red Hat provides excellent consulting services to its users through discovery workshops that help them understand their pain points and implement the right technology. Be it preparing them for the future of IT in computing and application development or helping them derive real business benefit through modern concepts such as DevOps, Cloud and microservices architectures, the Red Hat Consulting Discovery Workshop and consulting services helps our customers get from where they are to where they want to be. Our dedicated Consulting Architects work with our clients and their team for a 1-day workshop focusing on:

  • Presenting what community driven innovation, through open source software, can do for them;
  • Uncover areas of improvement and possibilities within their organisation;
  • Focus on resolving pains, issues and waste through a clear focus on 3 areas: Time-to-market Production stability and Reduced cost
  • Helps CIOs, CTOs to optimize and move their IT outfits to become more agile and efficient.

Tell us something about Red Hat’s contribution to digitizing India initiative

Digital India is an ambitious initiative by the government and a totally welcome move. Red Hat has comprehensive offerings ranging from operating system, virtualization, cloud and middleware to software defined storage, which while lowering the TCO (total cost of ownership), provides necessary security, innovation, openness and authenticity to such initiatives. We intend to leverage our established credibility government bodies and partner ecosystem to contribute to Indian economy & governance.

What would be Red Hat’s benefit from Open Source policies in India?

India’s Open Source policies are in sync with the international norms on OSS adoption. The urgency with which the government has taken initiatives to adopt OSS is a sign of a paradigm shift in terms of how Information Technology is viewed in the country. The decision makers are now viewing open source and it’s benefits strategically, and not just tactically. We are leveraging our close working relations with the government bodies in India and have strongly advocated the implementation of Open Source Software solutions and Red Hat technologies across various projects such as UIDAI, CRIS and so on.

In this rapidly growing OS market, what is your growth roadmap like? What will be your pit stops on your journey?

We are working with our existing customers in a lot of new arenas such as cloud, DevOps, Mobility and more. Apart from that we also work on quite a few greenfield opportunities. We have some excellent established partnerships on public cloud with the likes of AWS and Azure. We have been dialing up on building a richer connect with partners, which is bearing fruit for us. We actively work with our training partners, universities and so on, to churn out more skilled, trained and accredited people on Red Hat technologies. And the last part of course is our community engagement which continues to thrive.

What role does the channel play in Red Hat’s growth plans?

We are a completely partner centric organisation with a channel oriented go to market strategy.  A major chunk of our business comes from our partners. Red Hat has one of the most spirited and lively partner ecosystem across the globe that is creating, vending and administering quality solutions using our technology.  We constantly strive to keep our partners equipped on the right kind of knowledge, skills & expertise and keep them updated on Red Hat technologies. As part of our geo expansion, we also continuously look forward to attract new partners that can give us access to Tier 2 cities and help us increase our reach in the country.


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