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Hyper Convergence – the enterprise tech of tomorrow


Mr. Rajesh Ramnani, Regional Director at VCE

EMC India’s new elucidation of converged infrastructure has created interesting opportunities for enterprise. Mr. Rajesh Ramnani, Regional Director at VCE highlights and explains the converged infrastructure technology and how it provides a flexible, fast, cost-effective new model that allows  CIOs, IT teams and application admin to focus on innovations and business expansion.

Convergence is definitely the technology that will drive enterprise. But what challenges do you see in its adoption in mid segment companies?

Traditional IT has long dominated the IT Infrastructure landscape, this was same challenge when users moved from assembled PC’s to branded laptops. There is a comfort factor with every mode of deployment, in this case as well, we see the same comfort factor set in, there are established price points and processes which will take some time to displace, but once Enterprises see the benefits of Buy v/s Build, it will be conscious and easy transition.

New hyper convergence technologies support almost unlimited agility and expansion options. How do you deal with the legacy interoperability, since there is bound to be a time stagger for implementation?

EMC’s VxRail Appliance is the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and tested hyper-converged infrastructure appliance for VMware software-defined environments. VxRail Appliance includes a full suite of industry-leading data services from EMC and VMware, including compression, deduplication, replication, backup, and cloud tiering. These services come pre-loaded and are available through the VxRail™ Appliance Market, a unique feature built into the appliance management interface.

VxRail™ Appliance Services provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Minimize implementation effort through EMC Converged Platforms services experts’ best practices
  • Reduce ongoing costs and cycles that typically result when software is installed by in-house IT resources
  • Quickly implement the extended capabilities of your VxRail Appliance for maximum business value and reduced risk

To ensure seamless implementation our team –

  • Performs the pre-site Installation Checklist with your team
  • Confirms your network and Top of Rack (TOR) switch settings
  • Conducts site validation
  • Racks, cables, and powers-on the appliance
  • Configures and initializes the appliance Configures EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) for the appliance
  • Conducts a brief functional overview on essential VxRail Appliance administrative tasks

How do you plan to mitigate the security risks in such a hyper connected environment?

Today’s IT organizations are faced with an overwhelming challenge of security risk. Gone are the days of dedicated hardware, storage and network drops to support only one application or a single work group. Instead, organizations are implementing hyper-converged solutions to incorporate numerous applications, work steams and departments onto a single self-contained virtualized platform. No longer are applications and work groups isolated from each other by physical barriers. Securing hyper-converged environments requires a new security paradigm to prevent VM sprawl, unauthorized movement or accidental deletion of production VMs, just to mention a few. VCE’s Trusted Multi-Tenancy model protects multi-tenant environments with network, storage, application and management controls to prevent these security risks.

How does EMC support the hyper convergence technology in enterprise?

We provides the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure, offering unmatched simplicity while delivering the extraordinary efficiency and business agility made possible by virtualization and cloud computing. A cornerstone of our value proposition is the seamless support experience our customers receive with their VCE converged infrastructure systems. This unique experience—delivered by a global team of converged infrastructure support specialists with the help of sophisticated automation and powerful diagnostic tools— enhances the enterprises investment by simplifying the process of identifying and resolving issues to ensure the highest availability, reliability, and productivity.

Support Highlights-

  • Provides a range of global support services and capabilities to address your business needs and objectives.
  • Shortens time-to-value for Blocks and Racks solutions with expert guidance and best practices from a VCE Customer Advocate, enabling you to realize the benefit of your VCE solution sooner.
  • Leverages deep technical expertise in all components of VCE infrastructure to improve your operational efficiency.
  • Reduces risk and complexity while minimizing disruption to the business, thanks to the unique VCE single-source support model.
  • Offers visibility and insight into timely, relevant information— anytime, anywhere.
  • Accelerates problem resolution to help maintain high availability, reliability, security, and operational efficiency.

VCE™ Support applies across the entire VCE converged infrastructure system, including the integration and functioning of all components from Cisco, EMC, and VMware. This ensures a world-class experience that speeds adoption, reduces risk, and maximizes your ROI.

In terms of efficiency and agility, which attribute of the technology will help in cost and resources optimisation?

Both efficiency and agility are quintessential to help in cost and resource optimisation. Converged Infrastructure provides pre-integrated, validated and workload-optimized technology that frees your IT team, so they can focus on delivering IT services instead of maintaining infrastructure. It provides a flexible, fast, cost-effective new model that frees your organization to focus on business-building initiatives, and speed to market.

Does an enterprise require any particular kind of existing infrastructure in order to get on the hyper convergence adoption?

The basic requirements for adopting hyper-converged infrastructure are –

  • Cross-domain (e.g., compute, storage, and network) insights into performance, change, and security with real-time currency
  • Strong requirements for fully integrated data sources across infrastructure domains that aren’t at odds with each other in support of this need for current, cross-domain insights. This became consistently prevalent as a requirement for IT and digital transformation.
  • Integrated asset, capacity, and cost optimization without time lost to IT planning and accounting. These insights should support the full data center/application infrastructure in virtualized, cloud, and non-cloud environments.
  • Data center upgrades that proceed fluidly and cohesively without disrupting service performance or/and without causing weeks, months, and sometimes even years of planning and delay for IT.

What is the support the new hyper convergence products need from the channel?

Channel is the most important medium to position and promote EMC new HCI product portfolio. The support desired from channel includes, identifying current server, virtualization and cloud opportunities in their customer patch, clearly articulating benefits of buy versus build as a part of DC modernization, and then positioning the right solution from CPD portfolio. EMC has Channel Enablement and Channel Promotion programs which allows every identified Channel partner to clearly follow the above process and lead EMC CPD business to healthy closure. Along with Enablement, EMC is also working with Channel on EMC HCI Demo units, which partners can self-configure and showcase clear value at customer end.

What future do you see for this new technology?

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) has gained notable traction in India. It is one of the most preferred methods for deploying IT in the data center, as IT departments seek ways to adjust to their new role in business and new responsibilities entrusted on them.  It helps in simplifying and expediting the delivery of application workloads. HCI market is growing at 60% YoY, as per analysts expected to touch USD 4Bn+ by 2020. According to Gartner it is expected to become a $5 billion market by 2019; thereby becoming the category leader by revenue in pre-integrated full-stack infrastructure products. It is promising to dramatically shift the way infrastructure is procured, deployed and managed. Market potential in India for Hyper-Converged solutions can exceed USD 15Mn in FY 2016 itself, of which 50% will be in Midmarket and rest will be in large enterprises and corporates.


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