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Staying Secured with Enterprise transformation

Data is the most vulnerable asset of our times. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are designed to sabotage more than steal. And data is their focus as well. Innovations and the complete transformation of enterprise technology that takes it towards the cloud and mobility have increased the security risks all around. What is needed is robust, enterprise wide solutions that incorporate all the protection that a modern enterprise may need, and yes, of course, higher budgets for security, says……..

Sunil Kripalani

As a security solutions brand, what do you think the biggest threat to IT security is?

Ransomware is a bigger threat than perceived earlier, as it is now more complex in its attacks. It is becoming more sophisticated with stealth modes to penetrate the network or stand alone systems. At times, it hides through layers in endpoints or storage devices to sneak inside the larger enterprises. Threats such as APT and targeted attacks are on the rises too, BYOD users are also being included in the attack vector. This makes it all the more important for us to choose a Security solution which provides a credible solution to these emerging threats.

How do you ensure Data security?

Due to growing technology dependency, both corporate and home users generate large amount of data every day.  The Threat level also increases with incidents of data theft and data breach. So the following needs to be done to protect crucial data:

  • Update antivirus software (eScan) on regular basis, which can configure automatic update and protect user’s system from all kinds of attacks.
  • Ensure that all software installed in a system, are updated frequently.
  • Disable Auto-play feature for USB and Optical drives.
  • Regularly keep a backup of important files, or configure the system for auto back up.
  • Make sure that web browser along with operating system is regularly updated, for critical patches.
  • Open e-mails only if it is from known source.
  • Make use of strong passwords and change it regularly.
  • Personal details such as – credit card, bank detail should not be shared via e-mail or any form of internet conversation.

Networks carry the most business critical information, what products do you have to secure then?

eScan enterprise 360 is one of the products designed to keep the data safe for networks, which carry critical business data. It has features such as: New Secured Unified Web Interface, Asset Management, Role Based Administration, Outbreak Prevention and Mail Scan for mail servers, which is an advanced Real-time Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution specially, in order to scan inbound, outbound and internal mail etc. To provide enhanced security for networks.

Do you think security should be an IT subject or a companywide strategy builder is required?

It should be a company wise strategy to deploy strong security measures to protect data. As various departments use critical data, it’s important to implement strong polices to use IT data. Ideally a comprehensive spectrum of security measures would ensure that the secrecy, integrity, accountability, and availability of data are appropriately maintained.

Do you feel that enough is being allocated for security in IT budgets?

Yes, many steps have been taken by companies to allocate exclusive budgets for security now. Specifically companies in the BFSI, Government, ITES, Ecommerce, Healthcare and Insurance industries have allotted specific budget to safe guard their networks and data. However, with growing security threat landscape more needs to be done.

Cloud adoption is a fact of our times. Do you still see security issues there?

Traditional enterprise with IT systems have complete control over their resources and able to define their SLA’s (Service Level Agreement) according to the capabilities of their closed, on-premises domains. The introduction of public cloud breaks down traditional data center boundaries. With introduction of hybrid cloud, which comprises both on-premises and multiple off-premises resources, the environment demands stronger security measures at both locations.

As cloud based adoption is increasing, the service providers of cloud also offer security solutions as part of their service or add on service. However, the organizations using data centers for storage and application usage needs to have their own security measures in their own premises too.

What trends do you see in APTs? Are we remotely close to being secure from them?

APTs are designed to sabotage; hence they target mainly infrastructure, government services or large organisations. Advanced persistent threat is also used to target large ecommerce, BFSI organisations for financial gain or data theft. APTs are on the rise, as the competition has increased not just between the organizations, but between the countries in order to grab the larger share of the economic pie.

As increase of data in an organisation is a continuous process for business continuity, thus continuous monitoring is also required to keep data theft at bay. An alert system admin can raise an alarm if any suspicious activity is happening in the network, with real time monitoring and usage of right security solution. It could help them safe guard the valuable data and network from being compromised.

How do you plan to ensure your channel partners get the best support?

eScan being a channel driven organization, works closely with channel partners, as they  play a key role in making  our product solution available to customers. Our channel development program are designed to impart regular training, profitability and new business opportunity, support for POC and various rewards programs to make it mutually  beneficial.

What plans for the Indian market over 2017?

eScan is one of the first Indian company to reach global markets since 1996. We are now expanding and strengthening India’s presence across Enterprise and SMB space. eScan have created global best practices for SI engagements to address the growing demands of security in India. eScan sales and support teams are also expanding across India in 38 locations.

Today eScan is one of the few Indian companies to have fortune 100 companies as our patrons. Our focus this year will be to expanded further more in the BFSI, Government, ITES, Healthcare and Ecommerce segments.

We are targeting to be at the top 5 preferred security partner position by end of 2017. With our robust solution, support and customisation of security solutions, we are confident of breaking in to the top league.


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