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Tier 2 Cities Majorly Witness Fall in PC Sales, Q4 of FY 2013

Tier 2 Cities Majorly Witness Fall in PC Sales, Q4 of FY 2013
Tier 2 Cities Majorly Witness Fall in PC Sales, Q4 of FY 2013

The Indian IT industry is going through a challenging phase with high inflation and a slowing growth.  This coupled with the upcoming national elections has created a temporary slow-down of the broader economy. Moreover, annual Examination, Holi and Financial Year closing too has drastically hit the PC Sales especially in month of March informs Channels Partners in the Upcountry. While trying to stabilize itself from the slowdown  the IT Industry faces yet another challenge selling in education sector due to the final exams , shift in consumer  focus on Holi and  SMB sector occupied in fiscal closing. For few it is not considered to be the auspicious month for the businesses.

With the low market sentiments for last couple of months, the closing month of March has not brought any respite to the business owners as they feel it as a dull month for minting money. “The month of March is considered to be the slowest month of the year for our business. The market is slow due to examinations of the students and financial year closing,” asserts Vivek Jain, Director, Appolo Computers from Haridwar.

Vivek also informs, “March being the festive month does not generate good demand, as the market becomes stagnant irrespective of floating even any kind of schemes and offers.”

Agreeing with the fact that the month of March is not good for business or making money, Ravi Ranjan, Director, Computer Ghar from Bihar says, “March is the month when the sales are decreased to a great numbers. Since it is the month of yearly exams for students, the market becomes dull. Only permanent customers come to buy something. Else there is no engagement of new customers. 80% of our sales decrease during this month.”

On the contrary, Shashikant Goyal, Partner, Goyal Computers from Lucknow has a different approach during this period as he run Year End schemes to earn profit in the financial year closing. Being in to networking business for many years now, Goyal is making profits during the slowest month with his out of the box thinking. He shares, “Since it’s a quarter closing month, we give yearly offers to the customers and run schemes on approximately 39 routers. On an average we offer 2-3% additional discounts to the customer.”

“There are different schemes ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs.1 Lakh depending on the worth of billing and differing from city to city. For smaller cities we run small schemes and for big cities we run big schemes of upto 1 lakh. Due to these schemes partners get benefit as they carry more stock and sell out in profit. We expect 30-40% growth from the schemes,” he adds.

Meanwhile, K.Ravi Lakshman, CEO, Sakri IT Solutions asserts, “Market is slow from past couple of months and there is liquidity crisis. The numbers that businesses incur during the month of March has slowed down. Generally March is a month when the sales are picked up but with market sentiments are low, I don’t see any sign of recovery very soon.”

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