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Huawei unveils CloudEngine Series

Huawei unveils CloudEngine Series
Huawei unveils CloudEngine Series

Huawei, global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider has unveiled its latest state of the art CloudEngine 12700 series high performance core switch at the Gartner Summit ITxpo in Goa.

The CloudEngine 12700 series switches (CE12700 for short) are high-performance core switches, and agile switch designed for data center networks and high-end campus networks. Using the Huawei VRP8 software platform, the CE12700 switches provide stable, reliable, secure, and high-performance L2/L3 switching capabilities, and are designed to build a scalable, virtualized, and converged network.

Using advanced hardware architecture design, the CE12700 switches have the highest performance of all current core switches. The CE12700 provides a maximum of 48 Tbps switching capacity and high-density line-speed ports. These switches use an industry-leading Clos-based architecture and a front-to-rear ventilation channel design to provide industrial-grade reliability. The switches also provide comprehensive virtualization capabilities and data center features. Moreover, the CE12700 switches use innovative energy-saving technologies to greatly reduce power consumption.

Vikram Saluja – Head Enterprise Networking Solutions says, “Huawei has always been pioneer in bringing advanced solutions to bridge the technology gap and address the Enterprise requirements innovatively. In keeping with tradition, Huawei has designed yet another product that claims several of the ‘world’s first’ titles in networking products. As a platinum sponsor, Huawei brings to life its motto of “A Better Way” for enterprises. Huawei will be showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of integrated ICT products and solutions at its own booth and at first of its kind learning lab at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo.”

Being the world’s first core switch to utilize high speed Ethernet Network Process (ENP) chip, the CloudEngine 12700 series provide T-bit wireless access control. The efficient switch with 1 million NetStream enteries, virtualize convergence of wired and wireless networks, native BRAS capabilities (enabling refined management of users and services), range of level 2 to level 5 QoS, 5th generation fully programmable switching architecture.

With an orthogonal design, the service line cards and switch fabric units of the CE12700 constitute a multi-level, multi-plane switch fabric, which allows almost unlimited capacity expansion, helping implement the large-scale non-blocking switching required in data centers. The CE12700 also uses Variable Size Cell (VSC) for dynamic routing. A unified arbitration mechanism is used to ensure fair route selection and load balancing between switching paths so that links are used at 100%. The Virtual output Queueing mechanism adds packets with different destinations to multiple virtual output queues to prevent head of line blocking (HOL).

The CE12700 series provide industrial-grade reliability, with a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 22.5 years. The high reliability and the In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) feature meet customer requirements for service continuity. To prolong durability, the power supplies support N+N backup and have an independent heat dissipation system. Each fan tray has two counter-rotating fans working in 1+1 backup mode. Further, its triple plane design improves system reliability and ensures service continuity.

The CE12700 uses VS technology to provide an industry-leading virtualization capability of 1:8. One switch can be virtualized into a maximum of eight logical switches, allowing one core switch to manage the services of different areas (such as the production area, office area and Internet DMZ) or of multiple tenants. The CloudEngine 12700 series has been designed such that the failure of one virtual system does not affect other virtual systems and therefore enhancing network security.

The CE12700 uses industry-leading Cluster Switch System technology, which can virtualize a maximum of four physical switches into one logical switch to better facilitate network management and improve overall reliability. This facilitates network management. The CE12700 also has a large-scale routing bridge, supporting TRILL which helps build a large Layer 2 network with more than 500 nodes, resulting in flexible service deployment.

The CE12700 is equipped with the industry’s most efficient digital power modules, which have a power efficiency of 96%. The system measures power consumption in real time and sets one or more power modules in sleep mode to save power when the system power consumption is low. The CE12700 can adjust the power consumption of components to adapt to changes in service traffic volume, saving energy dynamically.

Huawei will be showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of integrated ICT products and solutions at the Gartner ITxpo. This includes capabilities in cloud computing, storage solutions, data centers, network solutions and unified communications and collaboration that help enterprise organizations improve business operations and achieve competitiveness in today’s changing ICT landscape.

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